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WSA continues to evolve as one of the most advanced fulfillment facilities in the industry today. We have assembled a wide-range selection of distribution and order fulfillment services, which provide innovative supply chain solutions for our customers.

360° TECH

Our industry leading IT team provides a wide range of world class systems and specialty services ranging from integrations to full outsourced ERP implementations.



WSA has a wide range of kitting and branding services, ranging from fulfillment using the OEM's existing packaging to projects involving design of customized packaging and handset branding.



WSA has the capability to provision GSM, CDMA and LTE handsets according to any manufacturer's certified and approved software.



WSA offers a variety of fulfillment options that are highly automated and customizable to match our customer's requirements.



WSA's Reverse Logistics program includes management of inventory through returns with Triage classification levels that include re-kitting and re-working when needed, DOA, and warranty processing.



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WSA Distributing proudly partners with the following affiliates.

We have been using WSA to help with our automotive OEM order fulfillment. The OEMs have very specific labeling, kitting and shipping requirements that were becoming onerous to manage in-house. WSA is an experienced partner we can trust with this responsibility and I must say that they met and exceeded all of our expectations thus far.

They have proven to be an extremely reliable partner to us. An important requirement to us is that our 3PL service provider is flexible to be able to meet our urgent shipping requests with only a couple of hours notice. WSA has consistently demonstrated that they are not only capable but also willing to meet this requirement.

It has been our pleasure working with each and every one at WSA!

-Sree D., Director of Operations at Telogis, Inc.

We had a critical business need to address within a highly compressed timeline. WSA acted like a true partner, treating our business objectives as if it were their own. They not only brought horsepower to complete the tasks at hand but helped us work through the best way to approach and design our solution.

-Bryan P., Director of Program Management Office at Stream Energy

I'm writing this note to you today to commend Luis Leung for all of his hard work, responsiveness, positivity, and can-do attitude. He has been a great partner to work with over the past few months as I've entered my new role as Vendor Manager at Stream. Luis has been willing to work long hours, late nights, and early mornings to implement and deploy code changes.

He goes above and beyond to understand not just what we are asking for, but why we are asking for it. Luis has found creative solutions to some of our issues that have allowed us to move forward faster with our WSA integration than we otherwise would have. Even with some minor hiccups along the way Luis has always been quick to jump in and fix whatever has gone wrong.

My words cannot truly convey my thanks for how easy it is to work with Luis. I can only wish that all of my other partners were as easy to work with. He is an asset to your team in every sense of the word.

- Tony Gallizzi.